Benefits of Massage for Your Neck Pain

Source: WebMD

Why Do We Get Neck Pain?

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints from patients averaging 10 million reports each year across the country. Neck pain can stem from a variety of sources but the most common sources seem to be accidents and injury, sleeping positions, and work-related posture.

Over-the-counter medications provide a degree of relief but for persistent neck pain, it just isn’t enough. This leads patients to seek stronger, potentially more harmful relief options such as opioids.

Massage: A Better Option

A professional massage may be a better and preferred treatment alternative that is all natural and doesn’t host a number of side effects like medication.

When you work with a professional massage therapist, he or she will be able to locate the source of the pain and apply expert technique to the area. This is not the same as having a friend or family member simply rub your neck.

A massage therapist is trained to locate and treat the pain at the source, which may not necessarily be in your neck. The pain in the neck could simply be a symptom of a muscular issue elsewhere.

Ideal Massage Treatment

A study published in Annals of Family Medicine reported that the ideal massage treatment was a one-hour massage that was performed two or three times per week. Continue this schedule for one month and then you can reduce the frequency of your visits.

Understandably, the cost of a massage can be quite high so it is recommended to check with your insurance to see if this service is covered.