Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is an Invisible Disability


For some people, every task, whether it is walking, sleeping, working, or cooking takes more time than usual. The longer time duration is not because of mindfulness or enlightenment. In fact, it is because of pain.

Such people take time and try to minimize the pain, since avoiding pain altogether happens to be impossible for them. Nowadays, fibromyalgia has become one of the default diagnoses that doctors hand out to account for various health complaints and pain.

Doctors often tend to err on the side of disbelief, when a health condition doesn’t show any physical signs. In fact, sometimes, even when symptoms are visible, they still ‘err’ on disbelief. For example, an individual who lost over 20 pounds within six months was diagnosed with bowel syndrome, when in fact; they had become a victim of endometriosis.

The doctors justified it by saying that people who are extremely sick don’t have shiny hair as the patient did. However, laparoscopic surgery proved that the colon was largely choked due to endometriosis.

Various Reasons for Disbelief

Doctors give numerous reasons why some people can’t experience as much pain as they say. Some of them include: young age, optimal weight, and good oral health. Recently, medical research has finally started to figure out what patients of chronic pain have known for long.

Due to prolonged pain, the pain points become super sensitive to the pain signals and as a result, they amplify the experienced pain. Moreover, once all these changes take place, reversing them is almost impossible.

Medical students these days lack training about chronic pain patients. In fact, they only get a few hours of information on this topic. Due to the lack of sufficient understanding of the pain, that a large number of people have to live with and how it works, doctors as well as other medical practitioners, term the patient’s experience as an exaggeration.

In other words, this means that doctors end up denying some disabilities since it is not physically visible to the eye.

A need for better doctors

In this advanced era, the world is in need of doctors who are well-versed when it comes to chronic pain. Practicing doctors should also be ready to acknowledge the impact that chronic pain has on their patients.

Doctors should believe their patients if they wish to help them. You can’t work towards a solution until there is validation. Only after that can a doctor think of treatments and adjustments that can provide relief to the patients since there is no long-term cure for chronic pain.

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