Living with Chronic Pain

Get Your Sex Life Back With These Tips

Source: WebMD

Chronic pain can make it hard to have a healthy sex life. Part of your treatment plan should include ways to enjoy the things you used to before pain occurred. Here are eight helpful tips to gaining back your sex life while dealing with chronic pain.

1. Be Kind

A kind gesture goes a long way to show someone you care about them. Leaving notes around the house for your partner thanking them for the things they do or stating how much you appreciate them will help reestablish the connection between the two of you.

2. Don’t Forget To Laugh

Chronic pain is no laughing matter, but laughing with your partner is an important part of getting through it together. Loosen up the tension in the air by poking fun at each other every once and awhile.

3. Communicate

The best way to communicate your frustrations to your partner is by talking to him or her about them. Write down ideas to overcome tough obstacles the next time they arise, and make sure your partner knows they can talk to you about anything.

4. Smile

Research shows that smiling lowers your heart rate, slows down breathing, and relaxes the body. Simply smiling at one another can help reduce tension or pain.

5. Be Emotionally Intimate

Becoming emotionally intimate is just as important as being physically intimate. Work on spending time together and connecting at a deeper spiritual level before jumping into bed.

6. Snuggle

Cuddling is a great way to promote physical intimacy in a comforting way. Put on your favorite movie or dedicate a night to scrolling through Netflix while holding each other.

7. Travel

Going on adventures with your partner is a great way to forget about the pain for awhile. It also brings the two of you closer together. Throw a blanket and a picnic basket in the car and go exploring.

8. Explore Each Other

Sex is not just about reaching an orgasm. There are other ways to be physically intimate without moving too fast. Spend time massaging each other or jump in the shower together. Becoming familiar with your partner’s body again will help you both naturally gain back a sexual desire for each other.

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