Reasons Patients Do Not Get the Right Cancer Pain Treatments

Source: Mayo Clinic

Cancer is one of life’s most devastating, threatening and most common diseases. Many people are not aware of the pains that occur during cancer. Cancer, for some individuals, becomes more intolerable due to the cancer-associated pain they suffer from.

1 out of 3 individuals being treated for cancer deals with cancer pain. The questions here are what causes such pain, where does it originate from, and how to treat it? An individual with cancer deals with from pain due to the medical condition itself and from treatments to treat the cancer. The pain often arises from the point of the tumor.

For instance, if an individual has a tumor growing in the liver which leads to cancer, they will have pain in the liver. The pain is due to the chemicals the tumor releases at that particular physiological point.

The treatments for cancer involves the shrinking of the tumor and destruction of cancer cells via chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. The worse part of cancer treatment is that it has a lot of side effects. Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy can all lead to increase pain and possible chronic pain. Radiation may lead to scars that are painful or neuropathies. Chemotherapy can cause side effects like mouth sores, diarrhea, vomiting, nerve damages and other nervous disorders. Medication like aspirin, codeine, oxycontin, etc. can also be used to reduce cancer pain.

In case of an individual who is unable to take the medicines orally, there are transdermal patches, buccal, and other methods of delivery. Moreover, some pain management treatments, like acupuncture, physical therapy, relaxation techniques and meditation may also aid in treating cancer pain.

Some People Don’t Get Proper Treatment

There are many people who are unable to get proper treatment for their cancer-induced pain.

There are some individuals who do not speak to their doctors regarding the pain they suffer from. Some individuals are frightened that if they tell their doctors about the pain, the doctor will conclude that their cancer is getting worse. Some individuals may think that their doctor will not give them anything for the pain because their cancer isn't that bad.

The reason for not discussing cancer pain between the person and the doctor can be due the opioid epidemic. The medicines used for treating cancer pain can cause addiction. Moreover, people are also afraid of the side effects of the medications they might have to take if they reveal how severe the pain is.

It's the responsibility of the doctor or the health care provider to make sure that their patients realize treating cancer pain and cancer itself is crucial in order to cure it. Yes, cancer treatment is painful (one can't put it in words), but you have to fight some bad days to finally earn the best days of your life. In order to fight cancer, the individual's faith should be bigger than fear.

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