What is PainScale?

PainScale is an advanced medical app used to track and record pain. Designed with pain patients and physicians, PainScale offers the most intuitive and comprehensive features available in a pain tracking and education platform. PainScale will be accessible across all devices and screen sizes.

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Why should I use PainScale?

There are many reasons you might want to use PainScale to track your pain. The most common objectives of users are to find likely triggers associated with their pain so as to help reduce pain in the future. With pain having a wide range of triggers and impact over one's quality of life, it is important to track your triggers, symptoms, goals, and activity levels.

Tracking pain may also help complement your medical treatment. The personalized insights and reports created with your data has been recommended by the physicians who helped design and develop the product. PainScale can help you better communicate with your physician.

Doctors recommend tracking pain consistently over a 3 to 6 month period to help spot trends and patterns that could uncover better treatment options available to you.

Many users also use PainScale to track cancer pain, migraines, chronic pain and many other chronic conditions where pain is a symptom.

When will PainScale become available to the public?

PainScale is currently in development and scheduled to launch later this year. We are testing the product with hundreds of patients, physicians, and experts to make sure that we deliver evidence-based solutions for pain sufferers.

As a patient, how can I help PainScale today?

At PainScale, there is no information more valuable than feedback from our users. To be a part of the design and development of the product before it even launches, please sign-up for our free newsletter. We will be in touch with shortly to understand how we can work together to build the best product possible.