Navigating the Medical Maze of Chronic Pain

If you are in pain, navigating the maze of physicians, diagnostics, and treatment options is challenging. Your path will vary by the type of pain, your insurance status, and the available treatments.

Your journey can begin in the emergency room with an acute injury or it could start in your local physician’s office with a complaint of chronic pain. An accidental bone break could turn into arthritis many years later.

Pain will bring you into contact with some type of physician first, who will most likely refer you for diagnostics; X-rays, CAT scans, and so on. After review of those diagnostics, your physician will likely refer you for treatment.

Finding Relief:
You may try several types of treatment to find relief. You should keep a log of your pharmaceutical dosages, physical activities, pain scale, and other information to track treatment effectiveness over time.  Your body and mind are processing pain simultaneously and your journey includes psychological paths that you may have to travel down to unmask and neutralize pain.

While much of your time in the maze will be spent in diagnosing your pain, the treatment aspect of the journey is the most important because that’s the part where you feel better and get back to the people and activities you enjoy.