Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

May 12, 2017
Physical therapy can help restore movement and function for pain patients disabled by injury or disease. Therapy should be tailored to a patient’s condition and pain level. Physical therapy treatments may include a combination of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning.

5 Reasons Doctors Recommend to Track Your Pain

February 14, 2017
People sometimes try to ignore their pain, hoping it will go away. Problems don’t usually go away – they usually get worse. In pain management, doctors recommend that you do the opposite of ignoring your pain. Instead they want you to track your pain, for very specific reasons.

Navigating the Medical Maze of Chronic Pain

February 07, 2017
If you are in pain, navigating the maze of physicians, diagnostics, and treatment options is challenging. Your path will vary by the type of pain, your insurance status, and the available treatments.

Trusted Sources of Information about Back Pain

December 12, 2016
We believe every patient and their support network should know exactly where to find the most complete and accurate information to help better manage their pain symptoms. At PainScale, we have asked hundreds of patients and physicians what the most trusted sources of information for individuals...