PainScale, the Newest Pain Management App to Help Survive the Opioid Crackdown

PainScale, the innovative pain management app and companion website, changes how patients manage their pain journey by providing customized information and tools to track pain, treatments, activities, and symptoms to determine what makes their pain better or worse.  People in pain will now be able to see what treatments other individuals like themselves are using to manage their pain.

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For patients with chronic medical conditions, digital technology is being used more and more to help not only manage treatments, but also to cope with everyday life.  Engaging and informative digital technology, such as smartphone apps, can motivate people in pain to be more involved in their treatments, especially when they’re easy to use.

Since the 1940’s, physicians have relied on the 1 to 10 rating pain scale as way to help patients characterize their pain. PainScale is a new app and website that simplifies the way pain has been tracked to help keep up with 21st century patient habits.  PainScale centralizes all relevant patient information in one accessible location, and connects the user to a community of other individuals with chronic pain who can share their treatment experiences.  The app highlights pertinent information on chronic pain treatments, alerting users to steps other individuals with similar conditions took to help improve their pain journey.

To use PainScale, the user securely enters pain history information, including their pain diagnosis. You are then provided with a personalized daily news feed about treatment options, exercises, meditations, and nutritional tips that may help make your pain better and improve quality of life. All of PainScale’s information is created with input by medical and health experts or referenced from reputable medical sources (eg. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, US Pain Foundation, and more).

PainScale uses population health data from people with pain to help understand treatment options for over 2,500 types of conditions.  The initial analysis of that data has uncovered some interesting insights that are shared with users who have similar pain conditions.  To learn more about all the other features available for free in the product, watch the PainScale product video: Watch Now.

Patients with diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions are already using technology to improve their quality of life, in addition to the millions of people who use apps and wearable devices to track their diets and improve their fitness. The PainScale website and mobile app brings this same level of patient education and engagement to the over 100M people that suffer from chronic pain each year.

Download PainScale for free on Android or iOS.

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PainScale is an innovative digital platform for individuals with chronic pain.  It was created by Boston Scientific to help provide support for people with pain and foster dialogue about their experiences with pain.  Discover the latest information in pain management at