Stop Smoking for Improved Pain Relief

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, and can result in painful injuries (strokes, heart attacks) and deadly diseases (cancer).  Short-term relief from nicotine can actually worse pain symptoms over time.

Nicotine in tobacco can trick the body into feeling good – at first, by triggering the body to release dopamine chemicals for a sense of satisfaction.  That is why smoking is so addictive for many people.  That same nicotine decrease blood and nutrient flow which can cause degeneration in discs in the spine and result in lower back pain.

Smoking can also eliminate potential treatment options from patients who suffer from chronic pain.  When other conservative pain management therapies fail to provide appropriate pain relief, smoking patients are short on options.  They can be blocked from good alternatives like spinal cord stimulators because smoking impairs a patient’s immune system, increasing their risk of infection after surgery.

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