10 Alternative Therapies for Pain Management

Source: WebMD

When you visit your doctor and tell him or her you have experience pain in some specific part of your body, they sometimes may say there is no solution to that or advice you to just keep taking your regular medication. 

This is true for so many diseases such as a migraine and psychological trauma. There are alternative treatment therapies for pain management which can be just as effective as your prescribed medication. The top ten alternative pain management therapies are listed below and may prove useful in managing your pain.

1. Acupuncture

Here needles are injected into your body near nerves which produce pain blockers called endorphins. This is known to reduce pain for several conditions such as back pain, migraines, cramps and myofascial pain. 

2. Mind-body therapy

This simple pain management includes making the mind stronger to manage the experienced symptoms and sign by the body. This therapy involves doing some breathing exercises.

3. Chiropractic therapy

If you happen to the type of person who doesn't want to get surgery for the experienced back, neck or shoulder pain this is the treatment for you. It is a non-surgical approach which involves massaging the body.

4. Reiki therapy

This form of therapy involves activating the self-healing processes of the body with the help of massage. It stimulates the nerve ending through an effective massage and helps in pain management symptoms.

5. Music therapy

This is a very straightforward therapeutic technique in which one listens to relaxing music while doing a few breathing techniques which can help make the mind stronger for coping with chronic pain.

6. Yoga therapy

Yoga is well known to help with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. In this therapy, you perform different body poses combined with breathing techniques.

7. Guided image therapy

In this form of therapy, you watch images which are condition controlled to relax your mind and body. It can help with cancer and myofascial pain as well.

8. Supplementary therapy

For this, you take supplemental vitamins, which help with nutrition deficiency and making your immune system strong to fight bad bacteria and improve symptoms of pain management.

9. Hypnosis therapy

In this form of therapy, you are hypnotized, and your mind is unconsciously trained to cope with any kind of pain.

10. Marijuana therapy

This is a relatively a new concept but smoking marijuana can have a good effect on your nerves and help with chemotherapy and any kind of chronic pain.