Opioid Epidemic

10 Resources to Help with Opioid Addiction

Source: WebMD
Alliance for Better Pain Management

  • A collection of 24 advocacy groups, ABPM is an excellent resource for patients seeking information as well as individualized treatment programs that focus on natural alternatives such as physical therapy.

Addiction Solutions

  • A website and treatment care facility that specializes in helping those addicting to opioids overcome that addiction. It uses a highly successful approach with patients called the Break Free Plan.

Opioid IQ

  • An interactive website that breaks down opioid addiction from what is appropriate to when you should seek help. Very inciteful and helpful for those wanting to learn more.

Get Smart About Drugs

  • A Drug Enforcement Agency sponsored website, Get Smart About Drugs focuses on proper education including tell-tale signs of addiction and ways to overcome it.

Pill Box

  • Impressively comprehensive website that allows you to identify a pill from a variety of characteristics. It also provides complete information on the medication including benefits and dangers.

Safeguard My Meds

  • This website focuses on prevention and it offers an incredible action plan for avoiding abuse and misuse, whether by family, friends, or yourself.

Drug Rehab

  • Easy-to-use website that provides addiction information as well as a variety of opportunities for help with overcoming addiction.  

Consumer Med Safety

  • An excellent website that gives complete disclosure of information to the consumer regarding prescription medications.

Be Medwise

  • A non-profit that focuses on helping patients make responsible and well-informed decisions when it comes to their treatment plan.

Alliance for Aging Research

  • A website that breaks down best practices for responsible use, storage, and disposal of your prescription medication.
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