3 Exercises for your Achy Hands


If you happen to be someone who tends to suffer from tight, achy hands, then you would know how difficult it gets to do your everyday chores and activities. Severe hand pain can make the simplest of tasks, like buttoning up your shirt, impossible to do. Since most of the muscles in one's hands start around the elbows, it is important for you to work your wrists and your forearms in order to treat your sore hands. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow, effective exercises that will help with your sore hands:

Golf Ball Hand Roll

Place a golf ball on your desk, and press your hand on the top of the ball. Then go ahead and roll the ball in a circular motion with the bottom of your hand, then move to the side, below your fingers over the calluses, under your thumb, and then go back around. Repeat this at least 5-10 times, and apply slightly more pressure; stop and hold the golf ball in places where there are tender spots. Then massage the center of your hand in small circles – repeat 5-10 times before switching hands to repeat.

Tennis Ball Bounce

Take a tennis ball and tightly squeeze it in your hand. Slam the ball to the ground and make sure to flex your wrist up and down as you do that. Catch the ball when it bounces back up. Make sure your grip is tight and repeat what you just did. Do at least 20 bounces with one hand and then switch to the other hand to repeat the same steps.

Lacrosse Ball Forearm Release

Place a lacrosse ball on your desk, with your palm facing down, and press your forearm into the ball. Place the ball just below your elbow and slowly roll it all the way up to your wrist. Now reverse the direction of the ball and roll towards your elbow. Make sure you cover the entire forearm and do 5 complete rolls up and down. Hold the ball in the location when you reach a tender spot. Now repeat the steps. However this time, rest your forearm on the table and place the ball on top of it and roll up and down, repeat with both hands.