Living with Chronic Pain

5 Chronic Pain Treatments for a Healthier Life

Source: WebMD

If you are dealing with chronic pain from fibromyalgia or another illness, there are many active steps you can take to lead a healthier, happier life.

1. Deal with the pain right away

Battling your pain head on immediately is the most important tip we can offer. Often times, important priorities and work take precedence in our mind, leading us to place our symptoms of pain and fatigue on the back-burner until we feel that we have time to deal with it. Unfortunately by this time the pain has often become unbearable. The moment that you feel the onset of pain or heavy fatigue, contact your doctor.

2. Use natural pain relievers

While your medicine cabinet might be stocked with prescriptions from your pain specialist that tend to help (at least sometimes), it is recommended to look into natural pain relievers as well. A popular product available over-the-counter is Curamin, which is an effective, safe, non-addictive herbal formula that does not have negative side effects. It is a great alternative choice to fight chronic pain.

3. Manage stress

Juggling work, family, and personal obligations brings stress in itself. This stress can easily become amplified during an intense bout of chronic pain. Worse yet, chronic pain tends to amplify stress. This is a harsh, never-ending cycle. To better manage your stress level and avoid it before it starts, take a walk, read, listen to music, and laugh. Yes, laughter can in fact dissolve stress and allow you to take on the day.

4. Meditation and light exercise

Along with managing stress, incorporate meditation, yoga, or light exercise into your weekly routine. By staying active and focusing on your breathing, your body and mind will relax which can have a positive impact on your chronic pain.

5. Eat healthy

Be sure to eat the rainbow. The phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, should be elaborated on to incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Fruits and veggies contain loads of antioxidants that allow our body to battle free radicals that can result in chronic pain and other illnesses. Thus, try to fill your plate with veggies at every meal to reap the benefits of these power foods.

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