Chronic Pain

6 Tips on Pain Management


Pain management is a disciplinary directive to reduce, prevent, diagnose, and treat symptoms of acute or chronic pain. The following are seven main management techniques for pain.

Separating painful body parts

Separate painful sections of the body with chronic pain from other parts of the body that do not experience chronic pain.

Anesthetize the mind

Imagine that you have been injected with a pain killer as you experience chronic pain symptoms. At times, this can relax the body and reduce the intense pain sensations one may have been experiencing.

Move the pain

Mentally shift the sensations of chronic pain from a place of high intensity to lower intensity. Let your body relax and after a few deep breaths, visualize the pain moving from one location to another where it dissipates while traveling through your body.

Changing focus

This tip can be highly effective for managing chronic pain. When you experience a flare-up, try to focus your attention on something more enjoyable and desirable: family vacations, funny jokes, loved ones, vacation memories, or daily achievements.

Silent counting

Counting helps as a mechanism for diverting attention away from chronic pain. When you feel the onset of pain, start counting anything you can see to distract your mind from feeling pain. Count the birds in the air, or cars passing by.

Separating the sensory system

This pain management technique includes splitting, dividing or separating sensations that are felt due to chronic pain. Focus on the sensation rather than the outcome. An example of this would be focusing on the sensation of heat in a specific location rather than the intense pain that you may be feeling in another location. 

Save this article and practice these management techniques regularly. Over time, you will become more efficient in integrating these tips into your daily routine.