7 Approaches to Pain You May Not Know About


There are many approaches in treating chronic pain besides the use of medication. We have listed several alternative therapeutic options in reducing and treating chronic pain.

Art Therapy

An art therapist guides you to use creative process using visuals are such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and other forms of art to express feeling and realizations. The goal of art therapy is to improve and restore your function. The therapist will try to better understand your feelings, so they are able to accurately diagnose and provide the proper form of treatment using art therapy.

Breathing Work

Breath work is a conscious breathing technique that controls the rhythm of each breath. This allows you to make the mind-body connection to control your body and mind needed for healing the disease.

Color Therapy

Color therapy indicates that colors affect our everyday life in the way we respond to the shades and vibrations in color. The shades alter our mood, attitude, and health. While the vibrations of energy causes you to choose harmony or distress.  

Craniosacral Massage

A non-invasive, hands-on therapy is a type of massage that concentrates on the spine. The goal of the massage is to balance any blockage occurring in the head, neck, or spine.

Dance Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on movement, emotion, and dance to optimize your happiness, balance, and well-being. Dance therapy can help treat any emotional, physical, and cognitive issues resulting from chronic pain.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a clinical and evidence-based form of therapy using singing, moving, creating, and/or listening to music. The music helps resolve emotional, physical, social, and cognitive issues resulting from chronic pain.


A healing technique where pressure is applied to certain areas on your hands or feet, that corresponds to various organs and body systems.  This allows you to calm your mind, for the body to heal itself by the balance of the glands, detoxify the body, relax tense muscles, and release endorphins to alleviate pain.

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