7 Good or Bad Exercises for Back Pain

Source: WebMD

Back pain happens to be an unfortunate condition that many people experience. This condition can make doing the simplest of things impossible. And the best way to tackle lower back pain is by moving around and doing some exercises. However, some activities can make your condition worse so be sure to avoid them.

Here are some exercises you need to try:

Partial Crunches

Partial crunches help in strengthening your back and stomach muscles. And prevent one from experiencing excessive stress on the low back.  

Lifting weights

Lifting weight can help relieve chronic back pain, just make sure not to stress out your back muscles and ligaments.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise will help you to lose weight; it’ll benefit your r lungs, heart, and blood vessels. These exercises also help reduce back pain. 

Some Pilates Moves

Pilates include stretching, strengthening, and core abdominal exercises; these are best for treating back pain. 

Here are exercises you need to avoid:

Toe Touches

Toe touches can put extreme stress on the disks and the ligaments in your spine, it can also overstretch your lower back muscles and hamstrings as well.


Sit-ups can put a lot of pressure on the discs in your spine causing extreme back pain.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts; in which you are to lift both your legs together can cause severe back issues. It's better to keep one leg straight and the other bent.