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7 Signs You Should Fire Your Doc and Find a New One

Source: WebMD

Changing doctors may be a challenging process, but remaining with a doctor that you do not trust may ultimately be more harmful. Below are some signs that you should change doctors.

1. You and your doctor do not see eye to eye.

Though it is ok for you to disagree with your doctor it is helpful if you work well together. It is preferable to have a partnership, as opposed to having a doctor that just spouts commands.

2. Your physician does not appreciate your time.

If you regularly wait long periods to see your doctor, or if you have a doctor that rushes through your appointment, it may be a sign that you need a new doctor. If your doctor is habitually late and is insensitive when it comes to your precious time, finding a doctor that is considerate may be helpful.

3. Your doctor is not being clear enough.

Your doctor should be open about explaining the reasons for recommending a certain treatment. If your doctor does not explain himself, your health is too important to risk and changing doctors may be necessary.

4. Your doctor is not being transparent enough.

If your questions for your doctor are not being answered, there may be a communication problem. Your doctor should hear you out without interrupting in order to be productive.

5. You feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with your doctor.

Doctors need to know private details that you may not share with even your family and friends. If you do not feel comfortable disclosing certain private facts, your doctor might be a mismatch.

6. Your doctor is unavailable.

A good doctor will be available for follow-ups and future concerns. If you doctor does not allow for follow-up questions, you may need to find a doctor that is more accessible.

7. Your doctor is not respectful.

If your doctor is impolite or condescending, it may be time for a change. If you feel like your doctor is inconsiderate and disrespectful it may be necessary to find a doctor who will listen to your concerns in a genuine and attentive manner.

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