Living with Chronic Pain

8 Ways to Maintaining a Healthy Love Life with Chronic Pain

Source: Healthline
  1. Laugh
    Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is contagious which means that either you or your partner can be the catalyst to start the other laughing.
  2. Smile
    Similar to laughing, smiling creates a release of tension. Smiling at someone tends to lower the heart rate of both the person smiling and the recipient of the smile, if it is sincere.
  3. Watch Movies
    Movies are great and can be an enhancer for #1 and #2 above when it’s a comedy you can watch together with your partner. Let the movie take you away into the trance state that Hollywood is great at inducing as you snuggle with your lover. Aim for comedies when possible.
  4. Take Excursions
    Get out and explore the urban-scape or wherever-scape with your lover. Let the new scenes, smells, and sounds be a reprieve from the monotony of the discomfort. Short or long trips are renowned for building intimacy.
  5. Intimately Explore
    Sex doesn’t need to be defined by duration or number of orgasms. Romantic moments that will last a lifetime are often from a slow dance, snuggling in front of an open fire, or watching the sunset. Enjoy such moments that foster affection—which does not need to lead to rote intercourse with set expectations.
  6. Talk
    Good communication is the lifesaver for many relationships handicapped by chronic illness. Partners must let one another know their inner dialogue even if it involves coping with discomfort. Failing to communicate well leaves one lover trying to guess what should be verbally communicated. Talking regularly and honestly is one way to allow partners to adjust to one another in the environment more quickly and with less blunders than would otherwise be made.
  7. Create Emotion
    Build emotional charges with your lover with games designed for couples which do not necessarily lead to sex. The angle here is creating a deeper emotional bond through exploring adult games.
  8. Take Action
    The old saying that actions speak louder than words holds wisdom for strained relationships. Be thoughtful by having intuitive intelligence about your partner. Make mental notes about your lover’s preferences and desires—no matter how trivial it may seem to you. It is uplifting for a person to feel that their preferences are noted by their lover.
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