Aerobic Exercises. Get started with Daily Walking

Source: Mayo Clinic

Aerobic exercise is important for living a healthier and longer life. Regular aerobic exercises can help improve blood circulation, reduces fat, minimizes health risks, boosts your mood and strengthens the heart. They play a vital role in both the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Furthermore, improved blood circulation helps heals joint pains.

A few exercises you can try

A total of 150 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercises or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise should be done in a week to keep your body fit and healthy. It is not necessary to do the exercise all at one time. It can be done in 10-minute increments throughout the week.

Interval training has gained popularity in recent years. It requires you to exercise for short periods but with varying intensity. Interval training that includes 60 to 90 seconds of exercise helps to bring your heart rate up and burn more calories. There are a number of aerobic exercises such as walking, bicycling, jumping rope, swimming, Zumba, and jogging, etc. you can try out.

If you are just starting an exercise program, walking is a great aerobic exercise to start. It is natural, simple, and safe. A lot of people prefer walking because it does not require special classes or a professional trainer. You only require a pair of comfortable walking shoes and commitment to exercise daily. You can walk to a nearby park to relax your mind as well.

Helpful tips

Whenever you start an exercise program, it is important to go easy and slow. Trying to do it all in a day or over-working your body will not produce sustainable results. You may lose your motivation quickly and abandon the exercise program altogether.

The same rules apply when you start a daily walking program. Start by walking five to 10 minutes a day and then slowly increase the time, allowing your muscles to gain strength in a progressive manner. Gradually increase the time you walk each day.