Alternative Medicines for Migraine Management

Source: Mayo Clinic

Criteria for Preventative Therapy

While there are a variety of prescription drugs that you can take to treat and help prevent migraine headaches, it’s understandable if you want to take a more natural approach first. After all, many prescription medications do contain a number of side effects. First, it’s important to know whether you’re a candidate for measures to prevent migraines.

You may be a candidate for preventive migraine therapies if you meet the following conditions:

  • Experience 4 or more migraines each month
  • Migraines last more than 12 hours
  • Experience other symptoms such as numbness, vomiting, and weakness
  • Over-the-counter medications are not effective

Alternative Treatments for Migraine Headaches


Using tiny needles that you can barely feel, acupuncturists insert these needles into trigger areas to help prevent migraines.


Doctors will monitor your body’s input to pinpoint triggers of migraines. The feedback they receive can then help you avoid migraine headaches.

Massage Therapy

With an aim to alleviate muscular tension, massage therapy can also be an ideal natural method to prevent migraine headaches. Massage helps to reduce stress and knots within muscle groups.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When you learn to identify and understand behavioral thought patterns that are linked to pain and stress, you are able to effectively reduce the number of migraines you experience.

Herbs / Vitamins / Minerals

If you’re open to the idea of taking something for your migraines but you want to avoid prescription medications, supplements are a great secondary option. Feverfew and butterbur are two herbs that are known for preventing migraines. You can also supplement with Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B2, and Magnesium to promote health and avoid migraines.

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