Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Treatment


Alternative to Opioids

Medical marijuana is becoming widely known as a safe and efficient treatment for chronic pain. Individuals with chronic pain can smoke medical marijuana, use it as an oral spray or eat it to reap the benefits. It has been shown to decrease side effects and improve the quality of life for many who live with chronic pain. Medical marijuana should be used under the close watch of a physician as any drastic changes could pose a health threat.

Safe and Affordable

Medical marijuana is considered an affordable treatment that dates back to 1975 when scientists discovered THC was effective in treating cancer pain. Because it lacks the side effects of traditional medications, medical marijuana is highly desirable for reducing pain in those who are unable to take pills or receive injections. There is also little risk of dependency or overdose, which makes it a safer option than pain pills.

According to a Harvard study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the six chronic pain patients who used cannabis or medical marijuana saw a reduction in their pain levels. Another study published in the Journal of Pain from the University of Michigan found that using medical marijuana decreased side effects of other pain medications, reduced opioid usage by 64 percent in pain patients, and improve the quality of life of subjects. Results showed that medical marijuana works by producing various compounds that treat inflammation and pain by connecting to certain receptors in the body.