Can This Diet Tip Relieve Your Joint Pain?

Source: Prevention

Make some changes in your diet, and your constant joint pain will disappear

Once you reach that stage of life when you don't feel good, your blood pressure is borderline, and you've gained weight, you're suffering from constant joint pain which makes doing the simplest of things impossible, understand that it is time to do something. You need to make changes to your diet plan in order to get back on track.

Here’s a diet plan that will make you healthier

This health plan will help in reducing your inflammation, through an elimination diet. First, you’ll have a 2-week detox plan that will neutralize any food sensitivities that you have. So you’ll only eat protein shakes, veggies, and fruit. There are endless ways of using these ingredients to make healthier dishes; you’ll find yourself getting more creative with your food. During the first 2 weeks, you'll notice how much better you feel. Your hands won't be swollen anymore, your arthritis will get better, and you will not feel any pain even after doing a lot of hand work!

After the 2-week detox phase, you will

You'll start to reintroduce different foods back into your diet. Now while you are reintroducing food back, you should understand that sugary foods, like chocolates (dark chocolate included), can cause the inflammation back and this will cause you severe pain. So it is necessary to eliminate sugar from your plan. This will help in healing your joint pain, but also it will allow you to lose the weight you've gained. You no longer will be bloated, your blood pressure will be normal once again, and you'll feel better. 

What to do for your allergies

Drink hot lemon water but with a teaspoon of honey, every morning. Find out new ways of preparing healthy meals, and you'll feel great.