Chronic Pain Patient Support Groups


Chronic pain can make one feel isolated. It is important to consider joining support groups with others who under pain, coping techniques, and have experienced a variety of treatments to help better manage their condition. With the internet, support groups are available at all times, all around the globe.

Support groups

This is a general term that defines groups of people that support each other through similar hardship. An example is Support Groups. It is an online forum for various kind of support. There are many Facebook Support Groups (e.g. MyPainScale, US Pain Foundation, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, etc) that are available to help. In the groups, individuals post their feelings, talk about treatments and ask for advice. 

Community Journals

This is another kind of support group, which includes MDJuntion, where you can connect with people who share a similar diagnosis and have an online journal (as the name suggests) that consists of your struggles with pain. The group is for general chronic pain and also connects to specific pain too.


Online forums

PainDoctor, falls under this category. It has a number of online groups for chronic pain including social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest and other forums where you can share your story with the world. This way people can convey how chronic pain affects them. Chronic pain patients can find love and support in such places.

Pain Foundation groups

An example of pain foundation group is the USPF – US Pain Foundation. The group encourages members to participate and make everyday life better. The US Pain Foundation also has many more specialized groups (e.g. Veterans) and programs (e.g. Learn About Pain) to help individuals better manage their condition and journey towards finding pain relief.

Pain-specific support groups

As the name implies, these groups are specific to a certain type of pain. One group could be for individuals suffering from arthritic pain, while another one can be for fibromyalgia, etc.