Living with Chronic Pain

Coping with Chronic Pain

Source: Spine-health

It has been found that pain is always subjective and is defined by the people experiencing it.  Additionally, the role the mind plays in dealing with chronic pain is recognized in medical literature.  

No matter what the condition, there are many effective approaches for coping with chronic back pain.  These techniques include:

1.  Relaxation training which involves slow, deep breathing to decrease muscle tension and relieve pain.

2.  Biofeedback which uses special machines to aid in controlling bodily functions such as heart rate and muscle tension.

3.  Visual Imagery and distraction involves using mental pictures of pleasant scenes or events.

4.  Hypnosis may also be useful when administered by a therapist or it can be self taught and be done to one's self.

The above techniques utilize four types of skills including deep muscle relaxation, distraction or moving away from pain signals, imagery which are thoughts of the visual or auditory nature that allow for a pleasant or relaxing time, and dissociation which is the ability to detach and distance oneself from feelings of chronic pain.

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