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The latest release expands the functionality of the Painscale app, to track all aspects of the users' journey in managing pain. With this newly released journal feature, users will be able to keep track of all events and activities in their daily life which may directly or indirectly correlate to their daily health or impact how they manage their pain. Users will be able to track daily events and activities - from health/wellness appointments (including physical therapy, acupuncture, surgeries etc.) to any random or personal information of that day which maybe relevant or useful later. Additionally, if a specific journal entry needs to refer someone in their network such as physicians or individuals that offer support, users will be able to attach that information with ease. In any given day, users will be able to add or view more in depth information about their daily life in the journal tab of the app. Patients are now able to make log entries that go beyond just measuring pain, allowing for a more comprehensive view of their overall health.

To get started, tap on the journal tab on the home screen.

When you go to the journal tab, If your journal already has multiple entries for the selected day, you will see them neatly listed here. You can also interact with the calendar below to navigate to any day to view the entries for a different day. To add new journal entries, you may select “Add” next to the heading "Journal Entries" . This will lead you to a “New Entry” page. Users can add as many number of entries per day at any time of the day, without any restrictions.

Upon accessing the New Entry page, you can select “Add Category” to choose the topic or heading for the entry. The app provides a list of pre-defined categories, which could be easily selected. However the users are encouraged to create their own category or header for the entry as needed, by directly typing at the "Add Category" section.

By default, when you select “Add Category,” the app shows a list of pre-defined categories in drop down form as shown below. If the user wants to create a custom category or header, he or she can start typing from there.

After choosing the category name or header, the user can type their detailed notes about the entry in the section below. A typical scenario could be, you may choose "Chiropractor" as the category/heading and describe how well the appointment went in the section below or whatever followup you want to document so you do not miss anything from that important appointment.

After documenting the event, you may also link any care personnel from your network to the entry, by tapping “Add Physician” or “Add Support” below. If you already have your physician or care provider previously stored in the app (in your profile page), their names will automatically appear here. Or alternatively you can add a new provider or physician here as well.

The journal feature helps users to record and visualize the complete view of their daily events and activities. Journal entries are personal and private to the users and are not shared with anyone. Users are encouraged to use this feature as a true health diary to capture all the details of their daily health and wellness journey.

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