Living with Chronic Pain

Depression and Chronic Pain

Source: Mayo Clinic

Pain and Depression are closely linked. Depression may cause pain while pain can also cause depression. This may lead to an unavoidable cycle where pain worsens depression and the resulting depression worsens the pain.

With people facing depression, inexplicable symptoms such as back pain or headaches may arise. Pain and the side effects of the pain may gradually wear you down and cause a worsening of your mood. Chronic pain may cause several problems that cause depression such as problems with sleeping and stress.

Depression is not specific to people suffering from an injury. Depression may also be common in people facing other conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

To control both the symptoms of pain and depression, following treatments are available:

1. Antidepressant medications may provide relief for both pain and depression.

2. Talk therapy, otherwise known as psychotherapy may also be useful in treating both conditions.

3. Physical activity, exercise, meditation, keeping a journal, and learning how to cope may also be beneficial.

4. Pain rehabilitation programs provide a team approach and include both medical and psychiatric aspects.

Treatment for both pain and depression may be most effective when it includes a combination of treatments. If experiencing pain and depression, seek help right away.

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