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Discover What May Be Causing Your Depression

Source: Mayo Clinic

Depression happens to be a very complex mental condition that affects many people. It can occur due to many reasons. You may be stressed out at work, a loved one might have died, or your love life just might not be going great. Either way, such instances in life can cause you to feel depressed.

Sometimes the cause of depression may be right in front of our eyes. But it can still be tough for people to pinpoint a reason for it.

So if you think you, or someone you know, is depressed and you want to know what the reasons might be, reading this article may prove to be helpful.


In these modern times, a new problem has occurred which is causing more harm than good. I'm talking about social media. Whatever platform you use, making yourself feel bad because some else's life seems better than yours, isn't doing you any good.

Family matters:

Another important factor which we tend to overlook can be the lead cause of your depression, and that is your family relations. A happy family equals a happy you.

Summertime sadness:

Summer time usually consists of time when people are stressed out more due to change in temperature which affects the quality of sleep and in turn causes depression.

Keep it down:

Sometimes the most obvious problem is noise pollution. You may not realize it, but noise is bad for you. That's why people feel more calm and relaxed in nature as there is little to no noise aside from the birds and the wind.

Thyroid problem:

People who suffer from thyroid diseases may suffer from depression. Thyroid gland disturbance can cause a chemical imbalance in your body and brain. In this case it is recommended that you go see a doctor.

Sleeping problem:

Doctors recommend that an individual needs more than 8 hours of sleep daily to perform and function in a well orderly manner. But the lack of sleep causes depression. Change in sleep cycle can also cause mood swings and fatigue.

Do you smoke:

Smoking may also weigh in on your depression as people who have nicotine addiction of some sort are more prone to developing depression and experiencing a high level of stress.


By this, we mean watching too much television and other sorts of visual content. Comparing your life to such content can cause stress and an inferiority complex.

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