Living with Chronic Pain

Find Acceptance When Diagnosed with Chronic Pain


Receiving a diagnosis of chronic pain can be devastating. On the other hand, a diagnosis can bring peace of mind to those who have suffered long enough. As with any chronic health condition, chronic pain requires you to actively make changes in your life to reduce the severity of the disease. This usually involves a combination of medical treatment and physical or psychological techniques. The best place to start is by putting together a medical team of professionals that you trust. 

Many people with chronic pain might feel angered, frustrated, or depressed after their diagnosis. These are very common feelings that should be shared with part of your medical team as they have been professionally trained to help you deal with them in a constructive way. Do not allow these feelings to go untreated as they can worsen the condition. A positive attitude is a necessary part of treating your chronic pain. When negative thoughts clutter the brain, it cannot help you succeed. Talk to a trusted family member or join a support group to help sort out your feelings. 

There is nothing wrong with accepting pain. Because you have accepted your diagnosis, it does not mean that you are giving into it. Accepting your new state of health also means you will need to accept the types of things you need to do to get better. You may always experience pain for the rest of your life, but you can always control how you react to it. Take time to be comfortable in your skin. This may include finding little tricks to help you deal with the pain, such as keeping an ice or heat pack with you at all times. Go for regular massages, exercise gently as needed and eat a healthy diet. 

Embracing the new you is an excellent opportunity for making healthy lifestyle changes. It may take awhile to adjust to your new lifestyle, but make it a priority to do all the things you used to do before your diagnosis to maintain your happiness. If you have limitations or restrictions, find new things to love that you didn’t know about before. Over the months and years, these small achievements will turn into big ones, and you will see that your quality of life doesn’t have to suffer.

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