Foot Pain Symptoms Related to Your Lower Back

Source: Spine Health

If you are having complications with your lower back, it is not uncommon to notice related symptoms in other limbs. The feet, for example, can be a tell-tale area for lower back pain issues including the following:

Weakness in the Feet

One of the first symptoms that you may notice is a distinct weakness in your feet. Commonly called “foot drop,” the complication with your lower back may cause your feet to feel very heavy. Patients often cite that it is extremely difficult to move the foot or to flex the ankle.

Since the issue may be located in the spinal nerve root, it is very common to have pain associated with weakness in the feet.

Limited Range of Motion

Another symptom of lower back issues includes a very limited range of motion. Most commonly, patients find that they cannot lift their foot up and forward. When they attempt to do so, there is usually a characteristic numbness in the leg.

Just like with weakness, the problem may originate in the spinal nerve root.

Inability to Shift Weight

The last symptom involving your feet from lower back issues is the trouble or inability to shift your weight to your tiptoes.

This is commonly seen in patients who are experiencing complications with their sciatic nerve’s S1 spinal nerve root. On top of weakness in the feet, patients find that it is nearly impossible to shift their weight forward. When they try, there is a great deal of pain.