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Healthline Recognizes PainScale as a Top Fibromyalgia App


It is with great pride that the developers of PainScale acknowledge being listed as one of the top fibromyalgia apps by Healthline for 2019. The purpose of the PainScale App is to help individuals log information about their pain and it’s treatment, as well as, to better understand their condition, such as fibromyalgia.

By recording relevant pain-related information, the PainScale app allows individuals to identify possible pain triggers, such as weather, while also tracking how pain affects their sleep and mood. Pain is measured both overall and according to individual body parts. PainScale’s detailed body map allows individuals to pinpoint specific body parts and then indicate the level and type of pain for each part. Additionally, the app keeps detailed records of treatments, so it can analyze the effectiveness of treatments, including medications.

The PainScale app provides analysis in the form of pain reports and insights to aid in managing an individual’s condition. It allows them to see the progress of current treatment, create a baseline prior to starting a new treatment, and how their condition may or may not be improving in various areas.

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