Living with Chronic Pain

How Online Support Can Help Your Pain

Source: Spine Health

Chronic pain can be a very desolate experience. Despite having a supportive circle of family and friends, many individuals still feel alone because their immediate network just doesn’t understand what it’s like to endure chronic pain. Thus, many people turn to online communities for support, comfort, and conversation while dealing with this terrible ailment.

Online communities make available a great group of people that will support you, act as your friends, and provide camaraderie to help you get through the most horrible times, while also celebrating the best times. Your fellow sufferers will not suggest to you that the pain is mental, or all in your head, and they won’t ask the tough questions like are you feeling better yet.

Despite the number of people who engage in support forums for chronic pain, the people that actively participate in these groups are not attention seekers and whiners. Overall, these people are universally supportive, constructive, and always utterly hilarious.

As social media becomes more and more popular, increasing numbers of people are seeking support and inspiration from Facebook and Twitter groups. Accordingly, the primary benefits of engaging in online support communities include:

  • Community members can provide hope, even in the most desperate times of need
  • They can validate your feelings and reassure you that you are not crazy, and certainly not imagining the pain
  • They are always available – since you can feel intense pain anytime and anywhere, it is important to have someone to talk to 24/7. Just log on to the community and you will have company to get through the tough time
  • They encourage you to continue to battle through coping and seeking pain relief, even when you’re at your wits end and ready to give up
  • They can provide advice regarding everyday living problems. How can you possibly determine how to best arrange pillows at night for back support on your own?
  • Lastly, you may receive the gratification of helping others through their tough time.

As there are so many different chat rooms and discussion rooms, you may need to visit a bunch to find out what suits you best. Also, if you feel very depressed, make sure to obtain support from a professional immediately.

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