Join the Chronic Pain Ambassador Network for Free


Have you suffered from chronic pain in the past?

Do you know what it’s like to fight each day to live a normal life?

Want to help educate and support others?

The Chronic Pain Ambassador Program is an excellent way to reach out to those who suffer from chronic pain while opening the eyes of the public to this issue.

What is the Chronic Pain Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador program is the center of the US Pain Foundation support system. Ambassadors aim to educate the public on chronic pain while supporting those who suffer from it. Ambassadors network to create a variety of outreach programs, awareness projects, and community gatherings, all with the intent to bring pain survivors closer together.

The Ambassador program is made up of trusted volunteers who know exactly what it is like to deal with chronic pain. Their mission is to ensure that no one suffering feels alone or beyond reach.

Goals of the Ambassador Program

The primary goal of the Ambassador Program is to educate the public on the issue of chronic pain. The Ambassadors hold numerous events and speaking engagements where all are encouraged to learn, participate and support.

The Ambassador Program also aims to bring people together, regardless of medical history. Through their events, they hope to build a strong support system for those suffering.

How to Become an Ambassador

You can quickly become an ambassador by following a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. Use the “Sign-up” form on this page to enter your information and answer a few easy questions.
  3. Check your inbox for your Welcome E-mail and Volunteer Starter Packet.
  4. Complete three tasks as a volunteer to become a certified Ambassador.