Keeping a Medical Marijuana Log for Chronic Pain Management

Source: WebMD

There are various types of cannabis and so many different ways to use them, it is important to keep a log to track their effectiveness. Maintaining a log also helps you remember what doses, strains, and ways of ingesting are best for your specific needs. In your log, be sure to include details about: what time of day you took it, how much you took, how it made you feel, how long you waited for results, and any special moods or behavior that accompanied it.

Start by keeping a log for one week. After you have a week’s worth of information, consider completing an assessment to help you better understand your symptom patterns, ailments, treatment behaviors, and the efficiency of the drugs. Here are some things to include in your medication log.

Be sure to keep things as consistent as possible.

1. Time and date: record every time and date you use cannabis.

2. Amount: always include the amount of medication you took in grams or other measurements.

3. Strains: indicate the type of strain you consumed, including indica, sativa, or hybrid. You could use abbreviations such as “I,” “S,” and “H” if needed.

4. Note the type of cannabis that is used, such as dried bud flower, tincture, spray, edible, concentrate, topical or drinks. Use abbreviations for these as well.

5. Be sure to note how you felt when you took the medication. Include your thoughts, feelings, mood, and any adverse side effects. It may also help to add where you were when you took the medicine, as well as, anything that may have influenced your intake.

6. Write down how you utilized the cannabis, such as inhale, smoke, edible, spray, topical or vaporize.

7. Write down how quickly you felt the effects of the cannabis. Was it ten minutes or an hour?

8. List what prompted you to take the cannabis. Examples are anxiety, depression, pain, or side effects from medicines.

9. List your activities for the day or what you were doing before you took the cannabis.

10. Write down anything that makes this strain different from other strains you’ve taken and why you liked/did not like it.