Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain. You Don't Need to Smoke It


Medical marijuana does not need to be smoked to be effective at reducing pain. There are many ways to adjust the use of cannabis, which is one of the herb’s greatest strengths. Marijuana can be ingested, eaten, applied via a topical product, or inhaled via second-hand smoke, pipe or vaporizer. The first thing to know is the type of strain or variety that will work best for you.

Types of Cannabis

Cannabis comes in several forms that are divided between Sativas and Indicas. There are also plenty of hybrids that have been created throughout modern breeding. Each plant has a different cannabinoid and terpene count with different effects. Become familiar with the type of strain that will work best for you by keeping a log or taking note of each variety you try. Consider using a higher potency so that you can use less of it. Use a glass pipe for cannabis concentrates and experiment with strains of CBD for pain, nausea, and appetite.

Choose organic cannabis products whenever possible and never consume a product that has been treated with pesticides. Also be sure to change the variety you’re using if it seems to be losing its effects. Lastly, take a break from the medicine occasionally to reduce the risk of enhancing effects later on.

Methods for Taking Marijuana

There are various methods for taking medical marijuana. Ingesting it is one of the safest ways to take medical marijuana; however, the effects of the medicine will be delayed by about an hour. Cannabis pills are also available to take as well as tinctures or sprays under the tongue.

Cannabis can also be applied topically to sensitive areas. It should be noted that using topical cannabis will not produce psychoactive results. Patients who smoke or inhale their cannabis should see immediate relief from their pain. Research shows that smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer, nor does it increase the risk; however, inhaling cannabis may cause coughing.

Smoke as little as possible and breathe in the smoke using short, shallow inhales rather than deep breaths. Holding the air does not increase the effects of the medicine as THC is absorbed within the first few seconds of inhalation. Inhaling through a vaporizer is one of the safest ways to take cannabis because it heats the cannabinoid oils without other chemical irritants that would otherwise be inhaled through the smoke.

Inhaling through a pipe or steam roller can be done using a glass container, a brass pipe, or a stainless steel container. Do not use a bong or water pipe regularly as the water absorbs some of the THC, which can end up in the lungs. Also avoid using a plastic, aluminum or rubber bong.