Medication Dosage and Strength


The latest release allows for the ability to record dosage amount and strength of a medication which will allow for a more in-depth view of the efficacy of the medication being consumed. Additionally, by logging a scheduled time of the day that the medication is being consumed, a more detailed assessment of the effects of the medication may be maintained as it relates to time.

To access the medication log, tap on the log button on the home page.

Select “Edit” under medications, to add one or more new medications or edit or remove any existing medications. After tapping the "Edit" , the app lists the existing medication data from the previous log, with an option to add any new medication data.

For the existing medication data, “Add dosage” option is now available to add or edit per medication dosage information.

On the dosage page, you may enter dosage amount and strength. For example, if you are taking 3 pills of 200 mg strength, you may enter as shown in the picture below.

Additionally, you may select “As Needed” or “Scheduled” depending on the frequency that the medication is being consumed. When "As needed" option is selected, you could add additional comments. For example, if you are taking certain medication only when you feel the pain, you may add that information in the comment section below "As needed" button.

If “Scheduled” is selected, you may choose from one or more of the options which include “Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night” depending on when the medication is consumed.