Must Know Exercises for People in Pain

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If you are in pain, chances are that exercise does not seem like the most exciting thing to do. However, exercise can ease your pain and enhance your quality of life so it is important to consider in incremental steps. Knowing this may not make finding the motivation to exercise any easier, but the good news is that there are very simple exercises you can do to get started. Remember to exercise in your comfort zone and talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Here are some must know exercises that will help you deal with your pain.


Walking is a low-impact activity that you can do almost anywhere. By spending a few extra minutes a day walking around your office, or taking the stairs, you will increase you physical capabilities and increase your heart rate to begin achieving positive benefits.

Simple stretching

Stretching is another relatively low-impact activity that you can do almost anywhere. There are specific stretches for those who spend time sitting at a desk all day, including stretches that you can do while at work. Importantly, there are dozens of stretches described that target specific body parts to help loosen painful muscles and joints.

Light weight strength training

Moderate strength training (think 1-10 lb dumbbells) can strengthen the body which will alleviate some of the stress on the joints when you use them. It is important to start slowly with any weight training, especially if you have been inactive for a sustained period of time. If you don’t have dumbbells yet, start by lifting a can of soup or a small book. To target other muscles, try doing push-ups, crunches, or sit-ups around the house.

Water exercise

Swimming, or any form of water exercise, is very low impact exercise that you can use to avoid exacerbating joint or musculoskeletal issues. Aquatic exercises are very lenient on the joints since they defy gravity and prevent potential joint trauma or overexertion.

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