Pain and Smoking


Prevalence of Smoking among People in Pain

People who smoke are likely to experience more body pain than those who don’t smoke. When the general population was taken into consideration, studies discovered that people who smoke regularly are more likely to have chronic pain.

Research supported that people who regularly smoke tend to suffer from medically unexplained, chronic pain symptoms. There are some factors which also end up causing chronic pain that just can’t be medically explained.

Impacts of smoking:

Prevalence of smoking among people who are in pain is higher than what it is among the clinical pain population. It seems that people who are undergoing treatment, regularly smoke, which can cause some treatments to fail, as smoking doesn't allow the body to heal quickly on its own. These people may also experience severe emotional distress, which results in them becoming dependent on other substances to cope up with life.

People who are have chronic pain and smoke regularly, often have to deal with extreme pain. It is why they are usually prescribed opioid medications for pain management. There are different types of smokers, and similarly, their pain intensity differs as well.

For regular smokers, the pain tends to be more intense, as opposed to those who tend to smoke occasionally. Despite whatever type of smoker you are, there are high chances that you might be suffering from the co-morbid disorder. However, this will differ for each smoker as well.

Co-morbidities caused by smoking:

People who smoke are likely to suffer from certain types of mood disorders which may cause them to lose their temper easily. They tend to not take things seriously. Smokers may have to deal with depression and anxiety, and due to chronic pain, these disorders are likely to worsen.

Smokers often start with a cigarette and as time passes they start taking drugs and increase their alcohol intake. This is called a substance disorder, which only leads to the worsening of one's chronic pain as well.

Smokers may also from a personality disorder too. Maladaptive personality traits are often more noticeable in people who smoke regularly.

Though there has been a decrease in the number of people with chronic pain who smoke, however, the number still is quite high.