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Pain Medicine 411 Program


What is the Pain Medicine 411 Program?

Pain Medicine 411 is a comprehensive website that is dedicated to providing you with complete and unbiased information on prescription medications for pain. It is a unique resource that can be utilized by the individual to help with the decision-making process of which medication to take. It was created by the US Pain Foundation.

What is the Goal of Pain Medicine 411?

The goal of Pain Medicine 411 is twofold. First, it to be a valuable resource for educating the public on pain medication, both over-the-counter and prescription-based.

Second, it wants to put the power back into the hands of the patient when discussing treatment options with their doctor.

Pain Medicine 411 wants to ensure that individuals thoroughly understand potential treatment medications. This is why each medication is listed with benefits, potential side effects, dangers, and best-use practices.

Pain Medicine Information

Upon clicking on the Pain Medicine Information link, you’ll be brought to a user-friendly and interactive menu that allows you to explore each medication. You’ll learn common generic brands, how the medication can help, and whether it hosts any side effects.

Abuse and Misuse

Prescription pain medications are commonly misused and often abused by individuals. In the Abuse and Misuse category, you’ll be able to get plenty of information on methods to avoid misuse as well as options for treatment if you suspect you are taking too much of a pain medication.

For more information you can check out Pain Medicine 411 here.

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