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Pain Program for Veterans


Partnership Pain Program for Veterans

Veterans are of the utmost concern for the U.S. Pain Foundation and this is why they have paired with Wings for Warriors to provide everything they can for those who have served our country.

First, Wings for Warriors is a non-profit organization that is made up of combat wounded veterans who serve as volunteers. Wings for Warriors aims to provide veterans with all of the resources they need including tools and resources.

The Goal of the Partnership Program

The primary goal of this partnership program is to ensure that no veteran has to feel overwhelmed in the process of seeking help for their condition and pain. This partnership serves to be a comprehensive and easy-to-access resource for any veteran who needs assistance.

Additional Resources

  • Made up of combat wounded veterans, this non-profit is a one-stop shop for veteran assistance including education tools, support groups, and referrals.
  • This website focuses on proper education and providing veterans with all of the information they need for their road to a safe and proper recovery.
  • This program aims to ensure complete and total patient safety from diagnosis to treatment.
  • This website is a complete tool box that allows the patient to work with their health care team to ensure the best possible treatment.
  • This is a comprehensive list of all possible benefits that veterans can receive whether they are in their own neighborhood or traveling.
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