Selecting the Right Massage Type for Your Pain


Categories of Massage

When you get a massage, you first have to choose between one of two categories. Massages can be medical or relaxation-based.

Medical Massage

A medical massage addresses an issue in the body. For example, if you are experiencing chronic migraines, then a medical massage known as Cranio-Sacral may be recommended to you. Here are the most common medical massages:

Deep Tissue / Sports / Scar Tissue

  • Focus on manipulating deeper levels of muscle
  • Post-massage soreness is common and expected
  • Helps to alleviate a specific concern such as knots or tightness that affect performance

Myofascial Release / Cranio-Sacral / Trigger-Point

  • Focus is on identifying and providing a custom-based pressure depending on the client’s sensitivity
  • These medical massages also help to focus on alleviating a specific issue. The difference is that these issues are primarily lifestyle-based
  • These medical massages improve lifestyle and independence

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage doesn’t need to address a serious concern other than helping to calm and provide stress relief. Here are the most common relaxation massages:

Swedish Massage

  • Standard relaxation massage
  • Uses soft to moderate pressure, based on client preference

Hot Stone Massage

  • Usually combined with another relaxing massage, the use of hot stones is implemented to positively stimulate nerves and enhance relaxation

Pregnancy Massage

  • Soft strokes are used and specific positions are recommended to help calm and sooth the mother during pregnancy

Massage Technique

Hand stokes or massage technique will vary based on the therapist’s experience and the recommended massage you need.

Lymph Drainage

  • Very light pressure
  • Slow-paced
  • Focus is on promoting toxin drainage


  • Japanese technique
  • Focus on energy flow
  • Light to no touching

Why Get a Massage?

The benefits of a massage are numerous and well-studied. Getting a massage will help prevent injury from tight muscles and allows for proper muscle-length tension relationships. Not only will you feel better physically but massage promotes the release of pleasure hormones such as dopamine.

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