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Setting Up Reminders in PainScale


Consistently logging pain and related health data, ensures the data collected is accurate, without any gaps and provides a complete picture of an individuals's pain journey. Incomplete data may give incorrect inference to those looking at them, be it the physician or care providers or the individual themselves. Given everything a person with chronic pain has to deal with on a given day, remembering to log the pain may be the last thing on the to-do list and they may welcome the assistance to get the pain collected consistently.

The Painscale app makes it easier for anyone to set reminders to match their unique schedules and situations. This article discusses how to manage reminders so as not to miss any log in the future, and every individual's progress can be tracked with greater ease and accuracy.

A reminder in the Painscale app may be used to help remind individual's to log their pain at a certain time. In order to enable the reminder, go to the profile page through the icon on the top left of the home page

Upon accessing the health profile page, tap the gear or the settings icon on the top right. (All app configurations are typically available in this section.)

Then, tap on Reminders.

Once in the reminders page, tap on the switch labelled “log pain" to be configure reminders for making pain log. For other log types such as food log, appropriate controls appear here as well. Enabling the switch will open the screen where it is possible to select the days and within the days selected, it is possible to configure any number of time based reminders.

After enabling the log pain reminder switch, simply tap the (week) days that the reminder should take place on. Once days have been selected, tap +Add Time to add any specific time for the reminder notification to appear. It is possible to add any number of timers per day and it is also possible to easily delete an existing timer. Once setup, the app will automatically remind the individual with notification for every reminder time configured, for all the days selected.

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