Living with Chronic Pain

Take Control of Your Pain with These Resolutions

Source: Spine Health

Improving our health is a very common resolution due to the fact that it is one of the most private goals in many people's lives.

There is very little that is more important than possessing good health, thus why so many people engage in this resolution every year in January. Of course, many people value family, careers, money, and sex, however above all else, health is still the one thing that we cannot live without, and is questionably the most important component of our quality of life.

Here, we provide you with three great resolutions that make your health a focus in the new year.

1. Get organized

 Many people have just collected too many things over the last several years, and now have the feared “c” word: clutter. Along with clutter often comes stress due to the fact that having clutter at home can cause a feeling of loss of control and being overwhelmed. In effect, this can lead to overeating and the overbearing feeling that enough time doesn’t exist to exercise or partake in activities for one’s own physical well-being. In addition, stress is a known cause of back pain and can aggravate many chronic health conditions. Removing clutter around the house can be a very liberating feeling that will free up both time and space, ultimately making you feel better. 

2. Exercise

 Commit to exercise! This resolution is more than just saying you’re going to finally indulge in a cycling class, but fully committing to adding exercise to your normal routine. Exercise is required to battle health issues, and surprisingly also helps the battle with chronic pain. The hardest part is to acknowledge that exercise will help you if you pursue it constantly, but will be detrimental if you only perform it in fits and starts. 

3. Quit smoking

You’ve been hearing this for years, so by now, it seems like a no brainer! However, if you smoke and are suffering from chronic back pain, please note the following:

  • Smoking can worsen your back pain significantly
  • Most back surgeons won’t operate on your back if you smoke due to the fact that it interferes with the ability of the body to heal post-surgery
  • This should be enough to encourage you to cease smoking once and for all! 

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