Painscale App

The Body Map


Painscale now has a body map that allows for more detail and specificity. The different parts of the human body are now outlined in greater detail as users may select from more specific parts and denote the level of pain. By being more particular in recording pain, a more comprehensive view of the pain profile is provided as it is possible to isolate the pain to exact parts of the body. Your physician may be able pin point the root of the pain with greater accuracy, allowing for a more effective and expedient treatment. In case the older body map is preferred, that layout is still supported and working.

To access the more detailed body map, simply select the [+] symbol in the lower right.

Select [Pain] in order to make a new log.

Once the “New Log page” had been reached, select [Add] in the "Body Map" section.

The next window will contain the prompt, “Where is your pain,” at which time you will be able to select which parts of your body are in pain as well as the intensity of the pain.

Upon choosing a part of the body map, you will be asked to measure the intensity of the pain being experienced by that body part. If you would like to undo a body part selection, you may select [Reset]. Once you have chosen the specific body part and input the pain intensity, you may select [Done].

If you have completed the body map to your satisfaction, you may select [save].

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