Living with Chronic Pain

The Learn About Your Pain Program


Learn About Your Pain: What is the Program?

Learn About Your Pain is an U.S. Pain Foundation program that serves as a collection of information about pain disorders. It provides everything from identifying symptoms to the best treatments for individual conditions. Learn About Your Pain is a comprehensive resource for everything pain-related.

Goals of the Program

The goal of the Learn About Your Pain program is to accurately capture and index all of the pain disorders, regardless of severity. Learn About Your Pain wants to allow people to take an active role in managing their lives while living with pain, by providing a complete resource to utilize.

Simply by clicking on a disorder, you can receive the following information:

  • Definition of the disorder
  • Description of the disorder
  • Common descriptions from real life patients
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment options
  • Complementary therapies
  • Ideal nutrition program
  • Idea exercise program
  • Local support groups
  • Links to other organizations and websites
  • For more information on the Learn About Your Pain Program, click here.
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