These 10 Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Pain


Most of the time when people are unhappy, low on energy, or stressed out, they resort to medication. Same goes for people who are suffering from arthritis and have back related problem. We often tend to forget the most natural way, which can help us with all this without spending money on medication or a doctor’s visit. 

If you’re suffering from any of these conditions, then look no further as yoga may be the answer for you.

Numerous recent day studies have shown that yoga also elevates mood, helps in developing a lean posture and improve flexibility and digestion and these are just a few benefits. By doing the yoga poses mentioned below you can reduce any kind of pain down to zero and improve yourself today for a better tomorrow.

Spinal twist:

This position improves blood flow to the body and helps develop a stronger back in particular. This is a very simple exercise and can be performed anywhere no equipment needed.

 Supported downward facing dog:

This yoga pose works your upper and lower body. For this, all you need is a chair and your good to go. With simple breathing technique, you will be able to get the most from this exercise.

 Tree pose:

Tree pose focuses on your lower body and your core muscles. For this position, all you need to do is get on one leg and pretend you are a peaceful tree. And inhale and exhale gently.

 Cat cow:

Cat cow can help in the recovery of any muscle related injury and tone whole of the body. For this yoga pose get on the ground like a cat would and next step is just simple breathing exercises.

 Temple pose:

Temple pose works your inner thighs and upper body. Helping improve physique overall. For this, all you need to do is bend your legs outwards and extend your arms upwards and do simple breathing exercises.

 Bridge pose with leg lift:

This is a bit more intense position which works your shoulder, chest thighs and glutes. This position can develop overall form and postures and gives your body the flexibility that you so desire.

 Warrior III core crunch:

A fun position you can try which works on strengthening your abdominal muscle and your lower body muscles. This position Is a will give you the firmness you want for your body.

Chaturanga push up:

An age-old position has been around for a long time due to the nature of its simplicity and effectiveness in getting results in the definition of shoulders, biceps triceps, and your core muscles in general. 

Bowing warrior:

This is also a fun position to try out as it involves your back muscles, shoulders and lower body muscles. This position is useful if you are recovering from injury or coping with stress.

Reverse warrior to side angle:

This is a really relaxed form which develops your glutes, thighs, muscles in the lower body, your mid-section and also your upper body.