Living with Chronic Pain

Tips for Finding a High Quality Pain Management Team


To find the best team, you need to be aware of what pain management techniques and programs are available.

Understanding interdisciplinary pain management

This consists of a team of doctors or health care providers that work with the individual suffering from pain. They use various strategies, interventions, and measurements for self-management which is designed to provide a complete program including communication, assessment, education, treatment, and a follow-up.

Team members vary depending on the program; however, the primary goal is the same which is to assist you in living your life to the fullest. The patient is the top most priority so without the patient’s willingness to participate in the program; there will be nothing in the program that would help him or her to get better. So, the way to success is to be active in the said program.

To provide you a well-balanced approach, the team divides the included tasks and responsibilities. They each have certain roles which complement each other. As a result, you get better care. The program is only effective when the team’s approach and the patient work together.

Interdisciplinary pain program

Numerous facilities and practices are available at pain clinics. Here, they do address the particular problems causing pain; however, a complete package is not offered that is required for a person to make progress.

The program should provide the patient with the much needed psychological, emotional, and physical components. Therefore, the first step for anyone considering this program is to have a meeting with the team to see whether he or she is comfortable with them or not.

Being uncomfortable with the team would only act as a hindrance to the patient’s progress. The following things should also be remembered when you search for pain programs:

  • All the team members should have the same goal and beliefs
  • The program should revolve around the patient and the family
  • The team should develop treatments that are based on the needs of the individual
  • The team should have excellent communication and mutual respect
  • The patient’s progress should be monitored continuously until the goal is achieved
  • The team should keep you well informed about your progress. The details should also be forwarded to your family.
  • There should also be a follow-up appointment scheduled formally
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