Trusted Sources of Information about Back Pain


Individuals with chronic pain believe these are the top 5 sources:

Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic has an extensive set of information around medical terms, symptoms, causes, risk factors, tests, and diagnosis. It helps that Mayo Clinic is one of the most reputable health providers in the world – but in addition to that, their content is organized in an easy to navigate and patient-friendly way.

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic offers good descriptions of common causes of back pain and provides patients with unique content for how to cope with the extensive symptoms of patients suffering from chronic lower back pain. Not all of the videos are maintained on the site, but as a trusted source, Cleveland Clinic is reliable.

Spine Health
With extensive sets of videos and editorial articles educating patients and physicians on chronic lower back pain, Spine Health offers unique videos that other sites do not. Spine Health does not have the clinical validation or reputation of Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic but is a source you can trust for content on pain management.

There is no denying that when people search for content, they are bound to come across information from WebMD. WebMD content thorough and covers everything from pain management techniques to better communicating with neurologists.

Spine Universe
This site has specialized content for specific back pain conditions that are relevant to many patients but not all encompassing. There are interesting articles that will help patients improve their communications with physicians. With links to many other sites within the Veritas Health portfolio, when you search Google, you are likely to land on one of their website properties.