Try These 5 Exercises in the Water


Exercise is vital for managing chronic pain. Since exercise places a significant impact on the body, people suffering from chronic pain are advised to go for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy involves swimming and water exercises that help to strengthen the muscles without causing any discomfort or pain.

Due to viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and buoyancy, water exercises offer little resistance. The water supports weak muscles and increases flexibility. The range of motion is also varied. This offers a comfortable environment for people who want to manage their pain. 

Five exercises you must try:

1. Knee-to-Chest

Bend one leg slightly and hold the side of the pool. Stretch the other leg toward the front. Bring the knee of this leg to the chest and then back to the normal position. Do the exercise again with the sides switched.

2. Leg Raise

Extend one leg while holding one side of the pool. The supporting leg needs to be bent slightly. Raise the extended leg slowly upwards. Bring it back down. Perform it again with the sides switched.

3. Wall-Facing Leg Stretch

Face the pool wall and rest your arms on the side of the pool by extending them in a ‘V’ shape. Extend the legs in the same manner. Change sides and do the exercise again.

4. Pool Walking

Stand in chest-high water and walk backwards and forwards around the pool. Use pool hand weights to make it challenging.

5. Quadruped Activity

Float on your back and make a paddling motion using the legs and arms. You can use a life jacket for stabilization.

These five exercises, when done in water, have been known to help people alleviate any chronic pain they might be experiencing.