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Try These Common Treatment Tips To Help Reduce Anxiety

Source: Mayo Clinic

With both social and professional responsibilities, you can be burdened with stress and emotions, which is why many people suffer from anxiety. It can develop during stressful periods and here are eight ways to battle it.

Limit coffee

Coffee affects mental health and stability. Excess consumption contributes to anxiety so limiting the intake is advised. However, if caffeine is necessary, try tea or things with a lower amount of caffeine and gradually limit coffee consumption.

Have superfoods

Super foods are rich in vitamins and minerals and improve both mental and physical health. They contain fiber, which is excellent for your digestive system, helping you absorb nutrients. It reduces both, stress and cortisol levels.


Lavender has uplifting and relaxing properties. They help you fight anxiety, and lavender oil massages have proven to be beneficial. They lower stress levels, and can be applied underneath the pillow for improved sleep and scented candles can give you a relaxing ambiance.

Chamomile tea

Moderate consumption of tea has been proven to increase happiness levels. Chamomile tea promotes relaxation as it causes drowsiness. This combats anxiety, and it can also reduce long-term symptoms of this disorder.


Lysine helps you battle anxiety. Its supplements can improve mental stability and wellbeing and can combat many symptoms of anxiety such as stress. Certain meat, fish, and beans also contain lysine.


Exercising is an excellent way to defeat anxiety. It releases endorphins which improve your happiness levels. It increases body heat which boosts your mood and improves mental function. Moreover, it increases your life expectancy.

Warm baths

Warm baths can be extremely helpful after a tiring day and can help you relax and unwind. They help increase your body temperature which improves mood and reduces anxiety. For improved results add Epsom salt, essential oils like peppermints, and orange to the bath water for reducing anxiety levels. They also give off a rich smell that can boost your mood.


Sunlight is perhaps the best way to combat this disorder. It boosts your energy and happiness levels and gives you vitamin D which improves physical and mental well-being. Taking a 15-minute break in an environment with greenery will soothe your mind and provide you with tranquil feelings.

To learn more about other anxiety-reducing tips of stress management techniques, navigate to the Mayo Clinic source link included in the article.

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