Painscale App

Using the Medicine Cabinet


The medicine cabinet enables users to record medications in a more in-depth and useful way. Users are now able to search the PainScale database for specific medications. Additionally, dosage quantity as well as scheduled timing for medication consumption are now available. In order to access the Medicine Cabinet, select the Person icon in the top left of the app screen. This will take you to the "My Health Profile" where you can scroll down a select [edit] under the "Medicine Cabinet" section.

Upon arriving at the "Medicine Cabinet" page, you may select [Add More Medications]

The option to "Search Medications" will appear on the top of the app page allowing you to search for the medicine.

After entering the first letters of the medicine, options for medicines will appear for your convenience.

Once the medicine appears in the list, select the correct medication to make further specifications.

Once arriving to the "Add Medication" page, the option for adding a dosage schedule may be selected.

After reaching the "Dosage Schedule" page, medicine consumption can be scheduled according to specific days as well as a specific time during the day. Quantity of the medicine being taken may also be indicated.

After scheduling a dosage, an option to schedule another dosage is presented.

This will allow an individual to input a second schedule to take the medicine.

An option to schedule another dosage will be presented. At any time while indicating dosage schedules, the user may choose to instead select [Add to Medicine Cabinet] so that the app can record the medicine being taken.

After selecting [Add to Medicine Cabinet], the specific medicine will be listed within the Medicine Cabinet. In order to make edits to the medicine's dosage schedule or quantity consumed, select the medicine from the list.

This will bring the user to an "Edit Medication" page where the appropriate changes may be made. Selecting [save] will finalize the changes.

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